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About the Candidate

Hello. I’m Adam Theo (but I usually just go by my last name of “Theo”). I have worked as a communications consultant and video producer within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for the past nine years alongside police, firefighters, and national security researchers from across the country to promote new technologies and best practices for national security and public safety. For almost a decade I proudly served in the U.S. Air Force Reserves as a structural civil engineer – practicing carpentry, roofing, masonry, welding, forming concrete and asphalt, and even a bit of plumbing. Both of these careers were incredible experiences and helped me to develop the integrity, leadership, communication, and conflict resolution skills necessary for elected office.

More recently, I’ve served my neighborhood as Vice-President of the Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association (BVSCA), sharing concerns over unsafe streets and noisy development. I’m also a voting delegate to the Arlington County Civic Federation, keenly following their task force on voting and government reform.

By 2017 I became disaffected with traditional Democrat-Republican partisan politics and followed my principles to the Libertarian Party (LP), where I quickly became the Chair of the local affiliate and served until late 2021. During those few years I more than tripled the active volunteer base; established dedicated communications, policy, and community service teams; and expanded our coverage into Loudoun County. After handing over leadership in November of 2021, I am now focusing on my campaign to advance my progressive libertarian principles locally.

Ready for the “bad stuff”? In my teenage years I became involved in petty financial crime, which resulted in going through the criminal justice system and serving four months in county jail in Florida. As a result I became a better person and saw first-hand how the system fails so many others. I realized that that many of my Black and Latino fellow inmates were imprisoned for petty drug crimes, while many of my white friends “on the outside” had been let off with merely community service for similar offenses. I realized that incarceration only worked for me because I was given the opportunity to use it for rehabilitation, whereas most others were not given that privilege.

Twice in my life I’ve been homeless – first living out of a backpack for a few months in Florida, then again living out of a beat-up Volkswagen for a few months more when I moved to the DC area in 2009.

And for many years in the early 2000’s up until the mid 2010’s I refused to pay income taxes, resenting that I paid a higher percentage of my (then) minimum wage paycheck than millionaires did on their income, that my tax dollars were used to drone bomb and occupy people overseas, and that the government gave massive bailouts to huge banks and investment firms. I later saw the folly in this approach and channeled my frustrations into actively getting involved in the political process instead, quickly paying back all taxes owed and cleaning up my record with the IRS and state.

I love backpacking and all outdoor adventures, recreational cycling, live music, museums, and have a weak spot for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. At 42 years old and renting in Ballston, I hope to soon buy a modest condo in the county near some bike trails.

I’m a proud member or recurring donor to the ACLU of Virginia, WAMU public radioArlington Branch NAACP, Greater Greater Washington, Sustainable Mobility for Arlington County, and the Black Heritage Museum of Arlington, although I’m always wishing I could afford to give more.

With 2021 being a kick-off of my organization, political communications, and fundraising, I plan on spending the next two years of my life campaigning and winning a seat on the Arlington County Board.

To my knowledge I would be the only Arlington County Board member who has served in the military, experienced incarceration and homelessness, and worked professionally alongside law enforcement. It is these formative life experiences that make me uniquely suited to empathize with and serve all Arlingtonians.