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Public Comments: Stormwater Mitigation in the CIP

In July, the Arlington County Board will vote on a $3.9 billion Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for major infrastructure projects over the next 10 years. The current proposal includes $331 million specifically for stormwater mitigation to prevent major flooding like what happened in June 2019. This past Saturday June 18th, I gave public comment to the Arlington County Board urging projects that involve “re-naturalization” of waterways with that $331 million.

Hi, I’m Adam Theo, the independent candidate for Arlington County Board.

I’m pleased by the $331 million dollars for stormwater projects in the proposed Capital Improvement Plan.

I hope the county remains dedicated to this ambitious 10 year plan every 2 years that it’s updated.

I hope to see a good chunk of the CIP stormwater funds go towards land acquisition in order to build engineered “overland routes” for floodwaters to follow and perhaps even begin to undo some the damage done by foolishly forcing small streams and creeks into underground conduits. Let’s “re-naturize” Arlington’s small neighborhood waterways.

I’m also looking forward to the proposed Stormwater Utility plan. Not only to fund our stormwater maintenance and mitigation through user fees, which would also hopefully reduce the de-facto property tax that homeowners are currently paying. I also look forward to the incentives program that the Stormwater Utility can potentially give out. Please, maximize those incentives and credits, especially when it comes to planting and maintaining trees in private yards.

For too long Arlington put flooding concerns in the backseat – and homeowners, small businesses, and families paid the price. Now it’s time for stormwater and other public safety issues to be driving our spending and staff time priorities.

So, pass the CIP with stormwater funding and be bold in the projects as they are planned out.

Thank you.