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It’s On! Official ’22 campaign launch

The COVID crisis exposed a disastrous lack of leadership on the board that’s been
hiding in plain sight for years. They are rubber-stamping each other’s bad ideas, spending big on band-aids instead of investing in smarter long-term solutions, and merely copy-catting ideas from neighboring cities and counties instead of making Arlington the regional leader it should
be. The new normal is looking just like the old normal, and our county deserves better.

Nine years ago, I first moved into Arlington and immediately fell in love with the parks and trails, the mix of quiet residential neighborhoods with bustling urban corridors, and the strong civic mindedness that governs life here. All of that is in jeopardy.

Because of Arlington’s “at-large” method of electing board members, which was first
implemented in 1930, any challenger candidate must cast a wide net that ranges
across the county’s north-south divide and across the disparate policy priorities of a highly educated electorate.

That is why I am announcing my candidacy for Arlington County Board this year, having just filed the paperwork with the county office this morning.

With your support, I will be taking on the biggest challenges facing the county with a smart agenda that brings in new ideas while also taking care to not lose sight of the fundmentals:

  • Expand Government Accountability by fully funding the County Auditor, implementing ranked choice voting for county elections, ensuring independent police oversight, and helping our school system be more transparent.
  • Prioritize Public Safety with fairer COVID recovery, flood mitigation, criminal justice reform, and safer streets.
  • Make Housing Affordable by cutting property tax rates, permitting more diverse “Missing Middle” housing options, and caring for the unhoused.

As a budget hawk with progressive values, I’m challenging the County Board’s status quo. I need your help!

I’m hosting a virtual open house tonight at 7:30pm. I’d love for you to attend, even if just for a few minutes to say ‘hi’ and help me put names to faces.

Your energy, your time, and your advice will all be critical resources in this campaign. But it’s “the way things are” that I’ll need one other resource too:


Your donation of $99 today will help buy more postcards to send out to voters, cover the hosting fees for my campaign website, or put yard signs in all the right places. It also keeps me go toe-to-toe with the incumbent’s fundraising efforts. With a $99 donation from you and 200 other people, I start this campaign with the same amount as my opponent.

Thank you, and I look forward to serving you for years to come.