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Fill the Gap on 15th St S

Arlington is currently running a Sector Plan study for Pentagon City. There’s a lot to like about it. But one thing that needs fixing before it should be approved is the completion of a protected bike lane along 15th St S. The Call-to-Action from Sustainable Mobility for Arlington County does an excellent job of explaining the background.

Below are my written statements submitted to the Planning Commission on December 1st, 2021:

I love what is being done with the Pentagon City Sector Plan. It has the potential to help the neighborhood grow with the 21st Century and achieve its potential as Arlington’s (in fact Northern Virginia’s) high-tech innovation hub.

There are a small handful of concerns, first of which is the gap in the protected bike lane plan along 15th street. 15th street is the only viable safe route connecting Crystal City with Pentagon City for cyclists. It’s imperative that it be a complete, low-stress route for cyclists. The only way for that to happen is for it to be protected along all segments of the route. Please fix this segment just west of Eads St.

Protected bike lanes should be seen as a matter of public safety, to protect not only cyclists, but also drivers and pedestrians – as any good “Complete Streets” plan is intended to do. A protected bike lane also has the benefit of placing electric scooter riders where they belong and off sidewalks and out of car lanes.

Thank you.
Adam Theo
Resident and frequent cyclist in Arlington County
Once and future candidate for County Board