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EcoAction Arlington Environmental Forum for County Board Candidates

Join EcoAction Arlington for a forum to discuss climate change, energy, smart growth, resiliency, equity, and natural resources with the candidates for the Arlington County Board election on November 2: Mike Cantwell (I), Audrey Clement (I), Takis Karantonis (D), and Adam Theo (I). The event was be moderated by Silvia Lucero, EcoAction Arlington board member.

  • Adam Theo: Enviornmentalism isn’t just an academic or political issue for me, it’s my day-to-day life at 1:17:14
  • Mike Cantwell wants to stop all the 30 story buildings being built on Langston Blvd and Pentagon City (there aren’t any, except maybe Amazon’s Helix building) at 25:32
  • Mike Cantwell says we shouldn’t build new housing because everybody teleworks now, and therefore don’t have to move to Arlington. Also, the college students should just not move to Arlington and stay in Blacksburg. 36:35