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NAACP’s candidate forum had an excellent format!

This past Monday, the local Arlington Branch NAACP held its forum for the County Board candidates. I want to first off say it was my favorite format of all candidate events I’ve attended so far. It struck an excellent balance between letting us have time to go into details and explain our positions, while also keeping the event moving along at a smooth pace. Host Wilma Jones did an amazing job of keeping us on track and on topic.

It began with an in-depth talk of housing policy and how us candidates differ from each other. It then quickly moved into police reform issues (which ARLnow has a good write-up of), and wrapped up touching on COVID19 recovery and vaccination efforts (highlighted over at the Sun Gazette – although I should note my point was about mobile units for vaccination, not testing).

Take a look at the entire segment starting at 28:14 into the video from the Arlington NAACP’s YouTube channel, ending at around 1:36:00.