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Return of the Beg Buttons? (please no)

One of the very few good things to come from the COVID-19 pandemic was the deactivation of “beg buttons” for pedestrians and cyclists to cross streets. You’ve seen (and heard) them: those big touch buttons by crosswalks that then annoy you for the next minute with constant “Wait … Wait… Wait…”

Beg buttons penalize pedestrians and cyclists, but Arlington County now wants to reactivate many of them despite also being unsanitary, increasingly removed from other city streets, and downright useless.

There are also much better ways to protect and empower people with disabilities than traditional beg buttons.

Our leadership must stop the return of crosswalk “beg buttons” and go further by deactivating and removing even more across the county. Pedestrian crosswalks should be designed for pedestrians.

#policy #safestreets #publicsafety