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The Independent for Arlington County Board

Let’s face it: our current Arlington County Board is slow, unresponsive, and stuck in the status quo. The COVID crisis exposed a disastrous lack of leadership that’s been hiding in plain sight for years.

They rubber-stamp each other’s bad ideas. They spend big on ‘band-aids’ and luxury aesthetics instead of solving underlying causes to our problems in housing affordability, public safety, and government transparency. Our elected leaders have repeatedly decided to take a backseat to every other neighboring jurisdiction, big businesses, and even their own County Manager.

Our one-party rule makes our government complacent without any drive for solving problems. It instead just tinkers with the status quo. It’s time for a government that reflects new ideas and real solutions. It’s time for a County Board with an independent voice.

Adam Theo is that independent running for Arlington County Board to apply those real solutions to big problems. Theo, a budget hawk with progressive values, is challenging the County Board’s status quo. If you agree that Arlington deserves better on November 8th, follow the campaign!

About the Candidate

Hi. I’m Adam Theo, the independent candidate for Arlington County Board. I’d be unlike any other member serving: a veteran of the Air Force Reserves as a civil engineer with a deployment to eastern Afghanistan, and a consultant having worked alongside law enforcement across the country within the Department of Homeland Security. I’m a fierce non-partisan free-thinking “progressive libertarian”.
I also bring unique personal lived experiences to many issues facing Arlington: having been a troubled young adult incarcerated for four months in county jail in my hometown; having twice experienced homelessness for months at a time; and having been a long-time renter in search of a permanent home here in the county.
Nine years ago, I first moved into Arlington and immediately fell in love with the parks and trails, the mix of quiet residential neighborhoods with bustling urban corridors, and the strong civic mindedness that governs life here.
Since then, I’ve become the Vice-President and Secretary of my local neighborhood Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association, a voting delegate to the Arlington County Civic Federation, and co-founder of a regional housing advocacy group. I’m also on both the Lubber Run and Spout Run Stormwater Work Groups here in Arlington to push the county to do a better job in dealing with flooding issues. I’ve also been a vocal critic against the special deals that Arlington County Board have given to Amazon, and for greater progress on housing affordability, and urging lowering property taxes that are pricing residents out of our community. In my spare time I’ve organized adopted park and highway cleanups as well as a few small food drives for charity.
It is these formative life experiences that make me uniquely suited to empathize with and serve all Arlingtonians, and why I will work so hard to be your next independent member on the Arlington County Board.

On the Issues

Expand Government Accountability

Fully Fund the County Auditor ∙ Ranked Choice Voting ∙ School Transparency ∙ Police Oversight ∙ Better Communication from the County

Prioritize Public Safety

COVID Recovery ∙ Safer Streets ∙ Flood Management ∙ Criminal Justice Reform ∙ Focus on Violent Crimes

Make Housing Affordable

Lower Property Taxes ∙ Allow Missing Middle Options ∙ Affordable Housing Ownership ∙ Reduce Homelessness

…while also rescuing our small businesses, schools, environment, and the arts.

C’mon, I know you’re curious.

Follow the campaign emails and let me know how you can help. I look forward to welcoming you into the effort to bring a new voice to the Arlington County Board!


You have the ability to help this effort by donating what you can. Even just $33 helps, and $99 is the perfect amount for anyone wanting to be a “secret supporter”.

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