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The Independent for Arlington County Board

Let’s face it: our current Arlington County Board is slow, unresponsive, and stuck. They rubber-stamp each other’s bad ideas. They spend big on ‘band-aids’ and luxury aesthetics instead of solving root issues with public safety, housing affordability, and declining civic engagement. Our one-party rule makes our government complacent without any drive for solving problems.

It’s time for a government that reflects new ideas and real solutions. It’s time for a County Board with an independent voice. Adam Theo – a budget hawk with progressive values – is challenging the County Board’s status quo. If you agree that Arlington deserves better on November 8th, then follow the campaign!

On the Issues

Prioritize Public Safety

Safer Roads ∙ Vision Zero ∙ Flooding Mitigation ∙ Investigate Property Crimes ∙ COVID Recovery ∙ Mental Health Care ∙ Substance Abuse Treatment ∙ Emergency Management

End the Housing Crisis

Lower Property Taxes ∙ Missing Middle ∙ Streamline Permits ∙ Affordable Housing Investments ∙ Community Land Trusts ∙ Homelessness

True Accountability & Reform

Fully Fund the County Auditor ∙ Ranked Choice Voting ∙ Arlington Way 2.0 ∙ More Transparency ∙ High-tech Agile Arlington ∙ Data-driven Evaluation ∙ Expand the County Board

About the Candidate

I’m a straight-to-the-point, common sense, policy wonk kind of person.

As Vice-President of the Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association, a voting delegate to the Civic Federation, and co-founder of the grassroots housing advocacy group YIMBYs of Northern Virginia, my heart and soul are in Arlington’s future prosperity.

I am a veteran of the Air Force Reserves as a civil engineer with a deployment to Afghanistan.

I’ve lived both sides of law enforcement: not only as a communications consultant working alongside police and other first responders for almost a decade, but also incarcerated in county jail back down in Florida after some troubled teenage years.

Before moving to Arlington 10 years ago, I had been homeless – twice! – including during DC’s Snowmageddon winter 13 years ago.

It’s these experiences – unlike any other County Board member – that have made me into the strong-willed and free-thinking advocate that can serve all Arlingtonians.

C’mon, I know you’re curious.

Follow the campaign emails and let me know how you can help. I look forward to welcoming you into the effort to bring a new voice to the Arlington County Board!


You have the ability to help this effort by donating what you can. Even just $33 helps, and $99 is the perfect amount for anyone wanting to be a “secret supporter”.

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